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ABD CONSULT is a Private Limited Company established by Ethiopians in Addis Ababa in 1993 and provides Management Consultancy Services. Owners of the company are Ethiopian professionals with long years of experience in private and parastatal organizations occupying high managerial and technical positions and with wide exposure.

ABD-Consult works in association with a number of renowned international companies located in Africa, America and Europe


Working with client organizations so that they operate more for less.


Provide consultancy services to organizations facilitating the adoption of modern, efficient, productive, innovative and forward-looking system of operations ensuring that the perceived goals of the clients are met effectively.


• Provide pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for investments.
• Conduct Strategic Development Plan enabling organizations chart out the future course of operations.
• Prepare Organization Studies, Job Specifications, Job descriptions, Job Analysis and Grading, Salary Scales and Incentive Schemes.
• Conduct Asset Valuation of Property and Businesses.
• Perform market assessment of products and marketing strategies.

  • Full scale feasibility study of the flour mill  project, past and macaroni project, biscuit project, bread improvers project. Included are: Market analysis, Technology, Organization, Financial analysis, Impact assessment.

    President Flour Producers

    Pasta and Macaroni Production Facility                  

  • This project intends to obtain  marbles from various marble mines in the country and processes the marble for wall, floor and staircase and other uses. The project required a complete manufacturing facility from receiving blocks with large bridge cranes, cutting and polishing the marble into tiles for wall cladding and floor covering. A business plan was developed showing the size of the market, the share of the project, the investment, the human resource, the organization, and financial analysis was comprehensively dealt with.

    Jovial Marble

    Feasibility Study of Marble Processing                  

								Adama Development PLC  decided to invest on  Edible Oil manufacturing plant . The plant was intended to produce edible oil from cotton seed, rapeseeds, Niger seeds, sunflower  as well as linseeds. The study looked into the market size and determined capacities. It also identified the processing technology, the required investment, the organization, and the market development strategy. Full scale financial analysis was conducted and the viability of the project has been tested with sensitivity analysis. Impact of the project on the environment and implications related to finance, economy, and social issues were analyzed.

    Adama Development PLC

    Feasibility Study – Establishment and Operations of an Edible Oil Processing Plant

  • The study is for state of the art hospital to be staffed by multi disciplinary specialists. The owners of this project are largely Ethiopians who are residents in USA, Canada and Europe. Ethiopians Doctors living and working in Ethiopia are also taken shares. The study included the service demand in Ethiopia. Fly-in patients from Africa and middle East are also considered. The modern machines for diagnosis, laboratory analysis, and treatment have been identified, described and the investment level has been identified. Organizational and financial analysis has been conducted. The total investment is over 50 million USD.

    Ethio-Americans Doctors Group.

    Feasibility Study on Specialized Comprehensive Hospital in Ethiopia.

Feasibility Study

  • The main contractor for this study was Koppies+Stevens BV, port strategic consultants. This international consulting firm is operating from Netherlands and providing its services internationally. The study provided the vision and mission for the huge investment in dry port at a town near Addis Ababa, called Modjo. The dry port is to provide all the services offered at the seaport and handle 3-5 million tons of cargo currently coming to Djibouti, annually. The investment is running into hundreds of millions dollar. The role of ABD-Consult was to collect that come from domestic sources and prepare the SWOT analysis together with the main consultant. ABD-Consult also put together chapters related to market, organizations, staff salary scale and costs related to domestic labour. ABD-Consult participated in all the analysis included in the strategic plan for the dry port. The study was successfully completed and submitted to the client.

    Dry Port Service Enterprise

    Modjo Dry Port Strategic Plan                  

  • ABD-Consult undertook a comprehensive five year strategic plan for Awash International Bank (AIB) for the period 2012/13 to 2016/17. This was the second strategic plan for the bank. AIB is the first private commercial bank since the adoption of a market oriented economy by the country. Since the competition in the banking industry is high, the bank was in need of a new strategic plan that would guide it through the next five years to ensure its leading position in Ethiopia and expand its activities. Rigorous stakeholders analysis, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and TOWS matrix was conducted. Vision and Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives were developed. Strategies were fully were worked out. New services to be provided by the bank were identified. Business Development Plan was part of the assignment and financial performance of the bank was projected for five years.

    Awash International Bank

    Preparation of Strategic Development Management   

  • Agricultural Machinery and Technical Services S.C., (AETS) is the largest land development business contractor and agricultural equipment and inputs supplier. AETS selected ABD-Consult in competitive tender to prepare the strategic plan for the next five years. ABD-Consult experts laid down the conceptual basis of strategic plan to the management and supervisory groups of AETS. Then stakeholders analysis, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and TOWS matrix were developed. Vision and Mission were revised, Values and Goals were redone. Ways of transforming the company to fit into the five year GTP II scheme were explored. A new business plan elaborating on investment, new business approach was adopted. A five-year Business  Development  Plan was worked out and adopted.

    Agricultural Machinery and Technical Services S.C   

    Strategic Plan   

						EBG is one of the largest truck and light vehicle importers in the country. It also provides maintenance and servicing duties for the vehicles imported. It imports and installs and maintains generators, escalators and lifts. Its annual turn over has been close to Br one billion. The company required a strategic plan and picked ABD-Consult in a competitive bidding. Full scale strategic plan was performed. A new organogram to suit the strategic plan was developed. Workshops were organized to provide the conceptual basis of strategic plan. The strategic plan was fully developed and all the required analysis was performed with full participation of the management and the key staff of the organization so that the final product is owned during implementation.

    Equatorial Business Group

    Strategic Business Plan and Restructuring Study  


  • Yesu was the largest metallurgical factory producing
								galvanized sheets through cold rolling. A modern galvanization line is installed to produce a huge number of galvanized 
								rolled sheets.  The study included close study of the procurement procedures, the logistics, the manufacturing systems, 
								the sales and marketing organization,  the accounting and  human resource administration and developing the most efficient 
								and cost effective  organograms. Organizational manual was developed. Job specifications and job descriptions were worked out. Jobs were graded and salary scale was developed.

    YESU Private Limited Company

    Organization Structure and Manpower Study  


  • Lame is the biggest dairy processor in Ethiopia. It is a private company and produces up to 60,000 litres of milk per day. The company required a new organogram. A modern organogram and organizational manual was developed. A new job specification was done. The Job description suitable for the current level of production was developed. A rigorous job analysis and job grading was done. A salary scale which can attract competitive staff and retain the skilled labour force has been developed.

    Lame Dairy Plc

    Organization Manual, Job Descriptions and Salary Scale  


  • Tana Engineering plc is one of the biggest and most versatile engineering companies. It operates one of the best machine shops in the country with scores of workshop equipment which include large and small lathe machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, shaping machines, milling machines and lapping machines.  It is well known for its honing and crank shaft grinding. The other wing worked on import and maintenance of major machinery like dump trucks and maintenance of heavy duty trucks, dozers, graders, excavators, loaders, etc. the company directly imports spare parts for many vehicles and construction and earth moving machinery. The company commissioned ABD-Consult to prepare management studies. A comprehensive organizational manual together with job description, job grading, and administrative manual was developed. Most competitive salary scale is was worked out and implemented.

    Tana Engineering PLC

    Organizational Structure and the Status of Tana (Evaluation)  

  • South West Development PLC is the support group providing administrative, financial, and logistic services for companies organized under South West Energy and other sister companies. The company provides technical and management support to other companies as well. Manuals for administration, accounting, purchase and sales, and ISO Certification procedures for management were developed. Eight different guideline manuals were developed.

    South West Development PLC

    System Study and Manuals Development for Administration, Financial Management, Quality Control and Service Delivery


  • The study assessed the general requirement for packaging of plastic films, plastic crates, cartons, aluminum foils, and papers of various types. Its purpose was to establish a packaging product supplier in Ethiopia. This project assessed the domestic capacity and the domestic demand for different packaging materials.

    BEV International

    Packaging Market Study for Ethiopia                  

  • There are a few Intravenous Fluids production in Ethiopia. Quite a large quantity of IV fluid bags is being imported. The domestic IV fluid has to be competitive in price and fulfilling international standards. A market study was conducted by ABD-Consult to assess the market size and look into the imports and domestic productions.  Strategies  for marketing were developed. Possible measures for reducing prices were discussed. The possible growth of the market share for the project owners systematically assessed.

    Marketing IV Fluids


  • The Ethiopian Opal has recently taken the world by the storm. The opal newly discovered in north central Ethiopia and the country is obtaining income from processing and sales of opal. Orbit Ethiopia PLC acquires the products from the miners,  processes  and polish the products in Addis Ababa and exports them to the international market. The total investment including the building need and show room facilities were suggested. The marketing strategies were discussed and the potential for huge  sales were discussed. The study project looked into the   organization, the investment and the financial analysis. Project impact on the environment and the country’s economic development has been assessed.


    Opal Cutting and Polishing in Ethiopia and marketing it internationally

  • The market for heavy duty trucks was done in relation to Volvo truck demand in Ethiopia. The importer, distributor and the sole agent of the truck in Ethiopia, EBG, had commissioned ABD-Consult to assess the demand and see further if there are sizable demands in Easter African countries. The study had to assess the cargo transport development in Ethiopia.   The heavy truck imports in the past several years had to be gathered and analyzed. The demand and supply scenario needed to be worked out. The growth related to agricultural production, industrial establishments output, trading and distribution volumes had to be assessed. Import export models had to be established. Projections were made and the demand for heavy duty trucks had to be forecast. The share of the Volvo trucks in Ethiopia was estimated and projected for the coming years. The situations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan were also analyzed from published data. The demand/supply scenario for heavy duty trucks was established and the share of the Volvo truck was segregated. The strategy for market development was also worked out.

    Heavy Duty Truck Market Assessment


What people say


ABD-Consult was selected to prepare the Five-Year Strategic Plan for Awash International Bank. The assignment was carried out according to the terms of reference. It was performed in participatory way involving our staff and the experts of ABD-Consult. We are very much satisfied with the output of this exercise.

Abebe Deressa
(Planning and Public Relations Director)

Feed The Children Organization –Ethiopia.

As a non-profit making organization, we need to gauge the socio-economic developments in the Ethiopia and chart out the our future course of action. We need a Strategic Plan to light the path. ABD-Consult was given the assignment to prepare the Strategic Plan. ABD-Consult devised a system of strategic plan development in which our staff and members took active part in the development of the Strategic Plan. Stake holders analysis, socio-politico-economic analysis and SWOT analysis were performed. Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives were revisited and comprehensive strategic plan for the next five years was developed. We are extremely happy with the result of this analysis and the delivered products.We have also selected ABD-Consult to prepare the annual project impact assessment of our services to society. The data collection and the analysis and the recommendations emanating from the analysis have been extremely valuable for our operations. Thank you ABD-Consult.

Wondimagegnehu Gizaw (Dr.)
General Manager

President Food Complex

ABD-Consult has been our consulting firm for many years now. The consulting firm was selected to prepare the management manuals for our organization. Among these are Organization Manual, Job Description, Job Analysis and Job Specification, Job Grading and Salary Scale. The manuals were well prepared and have been practical and effective. Further, ABD-Consult has undertaken feasibility studies for our Flour Mill project, Pasta lines project and Biscuit Manufacturing project, Bread Improver project and Bottled Water project. The studies included defining Project Scope, Market Analysis, Organization, Technology, Investment, Financial Analysis and Viability determination. It has been very well prepared and we are very happy with the study documents.

Idris Ahmedin
General Manager
Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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